The terms and conditions hereof (the "Agreement" and/or "Terms and Conditions" where relevant) shall govern the relationship between I/you (as Guest and/or Member) and Duodecad IT Services Luxembourg S.à r.l., a Luxembourg law governed private limited liability company with registered address at 44, Avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855, Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under number 171.358 (the "Website Operator") regarding the use of services on www.adult-video.chat website. In this agreement 'www.adult-video.chat' refers either to the Website Operator or to the www.adult-video.chat website as operated by the Website Operator subject to the applicable context.


  • 会员/客户/用户 – 与该网站服务签约的访问者
  • 客人——进入或访问www.adult-video.chat网站,但没有在该网站注册的访客。
  • Adult Service Provider (ASP)/ Performer/Model – A physical person older than 18 (or 21), depending on the jurisdiction, who provides shows, chats or interacts with Members and Guests of the site
  • 点数余额 – 在www.adult-video.chat,会员有机会通过购买点数包,获取点数以进行点数增值。我们的支付处理器保证支付的安全性,并且购买的点数会随之打入会员的点数余额账户中。
  • Free Chat – An uninhibited option to interact with Adult Service Provider (ASP) in a form of writing on-screen text messages.
  • Private Chat – In Private Chat, Members are permitted to write or even talk (voice communication) with ASPs face-to-face, in exclusion from the general users.


  1. 内容
  2. 服务与保证
  3. 原则
  4. 用户
  5. 费用、点数补偿、退款以及非法行为
  6. 用户声明
  7. 用户责任
  8. 取消注册
  9. Personal Data, Privacy Policy
  10. 功能与安全性
  11. 垃圾信息
  12. 联络方式
  13. 其他

1st 条款:www.adult-video.chat - 目录

  • www.adult-video.chat is an online adult interactive website (including nude and non-nude erotic and sexual content). Therefore, its access by minors is prohibited. The access to www.adult-video.chat is not recommended to persons who might be sensitive to adult entertainment content, any eventual access of www.adult-video.chat by such persons will be their sole responsibility.
  • The adult entertainment provided on the website is rendered by female and male individuals over the age of 18 spread worldwide, who are commonly designated as Adult Service Providers (ASP).
  • 成人服务供应商(ASP),即性工作者,在网络摄像头前为来自全球的用户提供聊天和现场视频表演,演员是用户根据现场视频流媒体、图像、离线(预览)和收费视频来选择的。
  • www.adult-video.chat在几个不同的板块中提供ASP,这些板块可能会随着时间的变化而变化。虽然如此,请注意以下内容:
  • 在火辣调情板块的免费聊天中,裸体或性挑逗行为是被禁止的。然而,在私人聊天中,演员们可以自由决定他们愿意提供什么样的表演。
  • 在灵魂伴侣板块及其子板块,比如舞者、角色扮演、等等、演员们不应该提供或暗示任何露骨的性内容,无论是书面的、还是图片或直播的视频。他们在子板块所指定的主题下进行聊天。
  • In all other categories you can request a nude erotic show during Private Chat in accordance with the Willingness setting of the chosen Model.

    As a general rule, Models are not allowed to provide nudity or any sexually explicit content in Free Chat area.
  • {SITE_DOMAIN} 在其网页上使用最流行的两个行业标准技术,以保障其定制完美的内容和提供最大的舒适便利。在{SITE_DOMAIN},用户才是王道!

2  条款:www.adult-video.chat - 服务和保证

  • www.adult-video.chat is divided into specific areas, which provide free and payable Adult Entertainment services. www.adult-video.chat is constantly adding new services in order to accommodate its subscribers' requirements.
  • 选择想要的服务以前,事先参看一下内容、价格以及为您所在的国家特殊设置的支付方式(信用卡/借记卡、online checks等)是很重要的。这些信息在网站上可以找到。
  • 网站上发布的各种内容,并不表示www.adult-video.chat赞同发布者的观点,也不意味着www.adult-video.chat对这些内容负责。
  • www.adult-video.chat makes, to the extent permitted by law, no warranties or representations as to the information, services or products provided through or in connection with the service. Subscribers' and/or Guest's use of the service is at their own risk.
  • www.adult-video.chat seeks, at all times, to provide each subscriber with the best content and services available. However, it cannot give warranty of merchantability, fitness for any purpose, or non-results of the use of the content in terms of their correctness, accuracy, timeliness and reliability or otherwise.
  • 无论是www.adult-video.chat,还是与创制、产生、或履行该服务及其内容有关的任何实体,在正确理解以下所制定的现有协议范围内,对任何由或通过www.adult-video.chat,对所提供的服务、产品或信息的进入、使用以及解读,而导致的任何直接的、偶然的、后续的、间接的、或惩罚性的损失负责。
  • Upon an explicit approval from the customer (Via email, or online chat), the www.adult-video.chat Customer Service Team will initiate a remotely controlled session to access the customer’s computer in order to fix technical problems or to gain system information to find the origins of an error.

    By expressing their approval to a ‘remote control session’, the customer undertakes and agrees to waive any legal action he may have against www.adult-video.chat as well as its staff, in relation to the remotely controlled session.

3  条款:www.adult-video.chat - 条例

  • www.adult-video.chat网站无意赚取不道德的利润,因此制定了严格的规则。
  • 作为儿童保护倡议网站协会(ASACP)的铂金赞助商和成人限制协会(RTA)与互联网内容分级协会(ICRA)的成员,www.adult-video.chat致力于保护未成年个体。
  • www.adult-video.chat的服务只针对年满18周岁(在部分地区要满21周岁)的人士。因此未成年人不会轻易接触到露骨的色情内容。
  • Persons under the age of 18 (21 in some regions) are also not allowed to be ASPs. Consequently, all ASPs were 18 years of age or older (21 in some regions) during the time of photography, as per proof of age held by the custodian of records. Under no circumstances does www.adult-video.chat present ASPs as children.
  • All ASPs must fulfill three major requirements:
  • 签订协议,即声明所提供的个人数据和年龄属实;
  • 提供他/她带照片身份证件的扫描件;
  • providing of a photo taken of the Adult Service Provider (ASP), holding his/her photo ID next to his/her face.
  • The accounts of the ASPs are immediately and permanently suspended if they violate www.adult-video.chat's principles.
  • 在www.adult-video.chat,我们对儿童色情(包括书面和图像形式)采取零容忍政策。只要有丝毫疑点,我们会立即永久关闭所涉及的账户并联络有关当局。
  • 如果发现注册名称含有攻击性、指代未成年人、或疑似存在伪造,www.adult-video.chat有权立即并永久终止账户。

4  条款:www.adult-video.chat - 用户

  • 要使用www.adult-video.chat的用户必须年满18周岁,在部分地区要满21周岁,视适用于用户的当地法规而定。
  • 在www.adult-video.chat上注册,以及接受本协议,意味着订户在此明确认可了在退还期间所提供的服务,同时订户明确承认他/她无权行使对于上述所提供的服务的暂停/终止权。上述内容符合2014年4月2日在卢森堡所解读的,自2011年10月25日起实施的消费者权益法(2011/83/EC)。
  • 用户在www.adult-video.chat上进行注册,并接受这一协议,同意保障并支付维护费用,且不得攻击www.adult-video.chat、以及它的工作人员、董事主管、分支机构、律师团队、股东、管理人员、会员、代理商和其他雇员,即使这些人员由于第三方的行为、声明或其它行动、包括违反该协议框架内的任何条款及细节或违反曾承诺遵守的各项规定或进行的各种非法活动,而导致的各种索赔、损失、债务或其它各种花费(包括正当的律师费用)。
  • 对于用户的非法行为或其对现有协议的违背行为,www.adult-video.chat可能会在没有事先通知的情况下,终止用户的账户,同时终止与该账户有关的一切事宜。www.adult-video.chat不会对由于此终止行动而导致的任何可能的损失负责,同时也不会给予的任何点数补偿或退还。
  • 现有协议的有效期起始于访客进入www.adult-video.chat之日,和/或订户在www.adult-video.chat上进行注册之日,同时,接受该协议也即该协议将一直有效,直到完全遵守该协议所制定的所有条款及其细则的任何一方,适时终止该协议为止。

5  条款:www.adult-video.chat - 费用、点数退还、退款和非法行为

  • 用户可以购买点数去网站上的成人娱乐项目中消费;因此,在消费前用户必须先查看网站上的相关内容、价格及付款方式。
  • Text chat with dressed Adult Service Providers (ASP) is free, but if a subscriber wants to access the full feature service (including undressed Adult Service Providers – ASP and private show) he/she must click on “A Private Show with this Performer” button and from that point on stays in the video chat room with the Adult Service Provider (ASP) entering into a private mode where the purchased credits are used on a per-second basis.
  • Subscribers may use the option Quickbuy during private shows with ASPs. The use of this feature will allow Subscribers’ to, immediately and manually, top-up their credit balance with the chosen package during the show.
  • Subscribers may also use the SmartBuy feature to enjoy private shows without interruption. The feature allows the system to automatically top-up a Subscriber’s credit balance whenever the account balance falls below 7 credits. By default the SmartBuy purchases a 27.99 package, however the member has the option to change the SmartBuy purchase amount.
  • 每次自动购买的相关信息都会通过自动电邮通知给订户,在他们的账户设置中,也可以取消该功能。
  • 该交易被银行拒绝,SmartBuy功能将自动停止。在会员成功进行一次购买后,Smartbuy功能将重新激活。
  • 无论使用哪种方法,充值数量都以用户默认支付方式中设置的为准。
  • 发出的账户账单(应支付点数包的实际价格),取决于账户创建时的实际物理地址。请注意,www.adult-video.chat有权对价格进行取整操作,因此也有资格对价格进行四舍五入的处理。
  • In case of any query Duodecad IT Services Luxembourg S.à.r.l. will be able to help you regarding your transactions made through different payment providers as well, by contacting the provider in question. Therefore, for billing information and support the following contacts should be used: 44, Avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or send an email to help@dditservices.com. Adult-video does not store nor has access to transaction details.
  • 关于银行收费方面的信息,用户个人需直接向他/她的银行索取。
  • www.adult-video.chat对在www.adult-video.chat以外产生的任何难题不负有责任。
  • 如果有任何投诉,必须在事件发生后24小时以内报告给www.adult-video.chat - 客服部门。对于24小时之后提出的投诉,因考虑到判定其正当性程序的复杂性和特殊性,只在发生不可抗力时给与考虑。
  • www.adult-video.chat - 只要有必要,客户服务团队可以通过诉诸任何现有的有效手段,仔细地对可获取的报告及其它数据进行调查。
  • 依照现有协议的条款4.2,根据订户已对暂停/终止权的放弃,一旦订户开始消费所购买的点数包,其所有的退款或暂停要求都不会被接受。一些可能的退款,将必须符合以下条款所述的情形。
  • www.adult-video.chat只会在出现由于www.adult-video.chat的故障或成人服务供应商(ASP)在网站的“仅限裸体部分”,完全或明确拒绝提供情色内容的表演,而造成的点数丢失时,根据支付的价格和报告问题的有效性,按金额的比例仅限赔偿/退款。如果提供一些色情内容,www.adult-video.chat将对情况进行评估,并决定客户的索赔是否被取消,以及是否应支付任何赔偿/退款。火辣调情板块的演员们可以自由选择私聊表演中情色内容的比例。无论如何,他们不允许做出他们无法完成的虚假承诺。该板块中的演员们不需要提供情色内容的表演,但在私聊时,如果他们愿意,则是可以进行这种表演的。



  • 根据Duodecad ITS应用的支付系统第三方支付处理器,如果符合现金退款条件,现金退款只适用于在购买某些点数套餐时最初支付的金额,前提是相关的点数余额未被使用或消费,部分消费也不行。因此,不可能出现点数包中一部分现金的退款。因为,这也意味着在符号退款的资格条件下,只要一个点数包的余额被部分使用(包括点数奖励),退款可能仅会以点数(而非现金)的形式,退还给之前现有的点数余额中。当要求退款时,符合条件的现金退款,将使用与最初购买的点数包以相同的支付方式进行处理。作为现金退款的结果,相应点数数额,将从您的账户余额中扣除。您应该知道,由于与他们使用有关的潜在技术限制,有些付款方法不允许任何退款。
  • Amounts spent on related services, such as VIP shows, Buy My Content and/or Surprise, Sneak Peek, Messenger and/or offline/private messages, Video/Voice Calls are not subject to refund/compensation.
  • 尽管有上述,对任何订阅www.adult-video.chat的订户,其所支付的额外金额,无论数额,不管是在合同内还是在侵权理论内,或由于任何其它的诉因,www.adult-video.chat都无义务对来自访客/会员的任何毁谤的、冒犯的或非法的行为负责,也无义务对表演的失败、以及操作过程中产生的错误、遗漏、中断、误删、缺失、延时,以及传输、联络线路的失败、盗用或损毁或非授权的进入、变更或使用的记录负责。
  • 在不违反当前条款已有规定的前提下,在任何情况下,包括但不仅限于疏忽,www.adult-video.chat或其相关的联盟公司都不对由使用或无法使用本服务引起的直接、间接、附带的、特殊的、有后果的、惩罚性的损失负责。
  • The website and all of its features must be used at all times in line with their purpose and intended use. Any dishonest behavior, action, maneuvers of any kind, inclusive of attempt(s), with special regard to the circumvention of applicable rules (whether written or implied) may lead to the immediate suspension or termination of the Member’s account. Please note that the Website Operator is entitled to act accordingly on the basis of conclusions drawn from circumstantial or factual information brought to its attention either through website monitoring or by any other means within the scope of legality. Please note particularly that the creation of several accounts by a same user to proceed to multiple votes and unfairly alter (or attempt to do so) the results of the Models AWARDS game fall into the above mentioned category and may result in the termination of each of your Member accounts with . Cases of dishonest or fraudulent behaviors related to online transactions are deemed a high priority. Such cases may be outsourced to dedicated and reputable service providers, within the framework of the applicable data privacy regulation.
  • 为了防止任何欺诈性交易,用户必须接受www.adult-video.chat在任何法律程序中,都有权使用所有可供其使用的信息。这些信息(并非全部)包括:浏览器历史、IP和电子邮件地址,以及其它的可追踪活动。在这些法律程序中,www.adult-video.chat可能会求助于其他的专业调查团队,并遵从法律的要求与其共享某些信息,同时作为客户最大利益的代表维护客户们的权利。用户将继续负责调查或收集与任何欺诈性交易有关的损失信息。
  • www.adult-video.chat愿意与合法当局进行全面合作,调查欺诈性的交易以及其它法定管辖范围内的事件,并响应法庭传票和法庭判令。因此,在我们网站,订阅户可能只能使用他们自己的支付方式。
  • 请注意,www.adult-video.chat 有权在对给予的点数进行补偿/退还时,采取四舍五入的方式,因此,www.adult-video.chat拥有四舍五入的决定权。
  • Please note if being a new user is a condition for receiving any rewards then a new account registration on www.adult-video.chat is not considered to be a new user. *Bonus/Free credits are only available for one time for new purchases of first time users on only one of the websites operated by DuoDecad IT Services Luxembourg S.a r.l. Credits or other rewards are not available with CCBill and phone purchases. Rewards are not part of the purchased credit package, and therefore refunds are NOT possible after spending/using them on our website.
  • Please note that if a one-time promotion offer is advertised on any credit package, then such promotion shall apply only once per existing or new user where applicable, regardless of the number of registered accounts (existing and/or newly created) any such user may have and/or regardless of any other circumventing methods he/she may use. Otherwise, the purchase will be processed without the discount and the amount of credits obtained will be limited to the equivalent without the promotion. Please also note that neither discounted credits purchased, nor any credits from accounts which have promo credits can be transferred to any other user or Member account. Notwithstanding anything to the opposite hereof, it shall be underlined that promotion(s) and related promotional credits are not applicable/available to user(s) using any of the following payment method(s): Pay by Phone, Pay With Any Gift Card, Bitcoin/Litecoin, Altcoins and Paysafecard, or to those Members who choose or accept their payments to be processed by CCBill.
  • New subscribers may validate their credit card with a minor transaction for which they are entitled to 9.99 promotional credits and 10 Free Peeks. The amount of the validation transaction will be immediately refunded to the credit card holder. The aforementioned promotional credits and Free Peeks are not available for those users who already have a membership on LiveJasmin.com or any other website operated by Duodecad IT Services Luxembourg S.à r.l. Please note that all Free Peeks expire in 168 hours from the time of the most recent Free Peek receipt.
  • 所有货币和交易的相关成本,都包含在点数包的价格中。www.adult-video.chat保有由于货币汇率波动而更改价格的权力。
  • 请注意,信用卡和/或电邮地址验证的滥用,可能导致网站运营商与用户所签订协议的终止。
  • Pursuant to the rules of the Club Elite program as defined on a separate page in the Subscriber’s account, Subscribers receive Club Elite level points only after they spend credits. Credit spending subject to refund or chargeback shall not increase the Club Elite level points. There is a daily drop of Club Elite level points set for each rank differently. Such drop occurs every day, regardless of your activity on the website. Please note that the level points cannot be transferred or shared between Subscriber accounts, regardless of the two accounts belonging to the same person. With the closure of the Subscriber account, all Club Elite level points will be lost and cannot be recovered. Please contact the Customer Service Team if you do not wish to participate in the Club Elite program. By the sole acceptance of this Agreement the Subscribers acknowledge and agree that they have read and understood the rules and regulations of the Club Elite program.
  • Each Member participates in the Club Elite program by registering on www.adult-video.chat. In the scope of the Club Elite program, Members receive level points based on their credit spend in a given month. The more level points they have the better Club Elite rank they achieve, so a simple Member can become a Casanova (Rank VI. – see it here www.adult-video.chat/zh/club-elite). There is a multiplier rendered to each rank that helps the Members collect more Club Elite level points.
  • 会员在一个自然月收到层级积点的必要点数,他/她将会升入更高的等级。这个新的等级将会持续到下一个自然月底。只有超过新等级界限的那些层级积点部分,可以累加到下一个自然月。其它的层级积点会在下一个自然月初重置清零。请注意,无论您每天有什么活动,层级积点都会减少,只是每个层级减少的数额不同。
  • Members can go to Settings to make adjustments at any time if they want to share their Club Elite ranks with other Members or with the Performers. Any Member can terminate his/her participation in the Club Elite program by sending such request to the Customer Service Team.
  • 在演员页面付费观看视频或相册可以持续90天。请注意,即使时在90天内,演员也有权在任何时间变更内容。如果演员的账户因任何原因被终止,他/她在www.adult-video.chat上的内容也将不再可见。
  • 在上一个重置周期内,通过免费聊天区的惊喜在一名演员身上累计消费最多的会员,将会获得持续24个小时的“房间之王”的头衔,除非有另一名会员在相同的时间、相同的房间消费了更多的惊喜。“房间之王”的头衔没有其它优势或福利,且只能应用在免费聊天区。

6  Clause: www.adult-video.chat - Subscriber's and/or Guest's Declarations

  • 我充分知晓,www.adult-video.chat传输给访客/订户的内容为成人娱乐内容。
  • 我完全知道成人内容只允许年满18周岁,在部分地区要满21周岁,的观众欣赏。
  • 我明确声明,此时此刻我已经达到我本地法规要求的观赏成人内容的最低年龄。
  • I currently reside in the country which I truthfully and accurately indicated in the form provided to register into www.adult-video.chat and undertake the duty to immediately inform, within 24 hours, of any change of residence by sending an email to help@dditservices.com.
  • 我认可上述的相关职责,同意该职责应按时履行,除非www.adult-video.chat发布公告,并确认上述提及的内容有了变化且反馈良好。
  • 关于我居留地的任何错误声明,以及未根据以上条款通知www.adult-video.chat居留地变更的行为,由我完全独立负责。
  • 我还保证,我已经知道我的刑事法律责任,因此在任何情况下都会按照我本地的道德标准和适用法律行事。
  • 我确信,作为成年人,我有不可剥夺的权利来阅读/浏览任何我认为合适的内容。
  • 阅读和/或浏览网站内容完全不违反我的周边居住区、城镇、市、县、省或国家的规范与法律。
  • 我完全知道,所有www.adult-video.chat提供的内容和资料,包括但不仅限于现场视频流媒体、影像、图片、应用程序和文字受到适用法律和版权的保护,因此只供我个人使用。
  • 我完全明白并同意www.adult-video.chat可以与法律权威当局,对欺诈性交易的调查、以及受到法律管辖的包括响应法院传票与法庭命令在内的其它事件,进行全面合作。
  • 我承认,www.adult-video.chat和其联盟网站不承担由欺诈性地进入和使用本网站和/或所含内容引起的任何法律后果。
  • 我还承认,www.adult-video.chat或任何与其相关的联盟公司都不对由于私自联络成人服务提供商(ASP)而导致的损坏或损失。
  • 我明白且接受,在任何情况下,www.adult-video.chat或与其相关的、附属的公司,都不对由任何错误的披露所可能引起的用户权利的破坏、性交易、恋童癖、儿童色情、非法虐待、妇女儿童的剥削贩卖,所导致的任何直接的、间接的、偶然的、意外的、继发的、或者惩罚性的损害负责。
  • I agree and acknowledge that intellectual property rights (including but not limited to right to use, adapt, translate, etc.) to any content (eg. chat messages, pictures, videos, etc.) created, published or otherwise made public by me on www.adult-video.chat will belong to www.adult-video.chat.
  • 本人特此明确声明,不得使用www.adult-video.chat服务来推广属于本网站运营商竞争对手的任何内容和/或产品。任何试图在www.adult-video.chat上使用竞争对手的官方站点品牌名称和/或商标和/或任何与www.adult-video.chat竞争对手相关的其它内容,包括由此导致的拼写错误,将会被认为是不公平的贸易和营销手段,且将会在法律允许的最大范围内被起诉。我在此承认及同意,违反这一条款可能意味着我帐户的立即终止。
  • 我明确授权www.adult-video.chat监视并记录我在网站上的在线活动,但仅限于私聊记录、包括我对www.adult-video.chat服务的要求、电子邮件和/或投票和/或发送/给予成人服务供应商的惊喜,等等。
  • 我承认并同意,任何在本协议下制作的材料记录或原创作品,和/或所使用的www.adult-video.chat服务(及其各种权利,包括但不限于版权)都属于且应为www.adult-video.chat的独家资产。
  • 我在此明确表示,我放弃、撤销因 www.adult-video.chat作出违反我任何权利的行为,而产生的索赔诉求,这包括但不仅限于道德权利、隐私权利,以及出版权利、专利权或其它权利、以及设置其中的因各种内容或构思而产生的信用权益。
  • 我声明且承认,我并不是法人代表,但是作为一位个体消费者,在该协议下进行服务购买的任何行为,都可看作是我职业活动的一部分。

7  Clause: www.adult-video.chat - Subscriber's and/or Guest's Duties

  • 我同意,在未经www.adult-video.chat事先书面允许的情况下,不会复制、仿造、翻版、下载、散布或公开任何属于www.adult-video.chat的内容。
  • 对任何错误地暴露以及任何由于观看、阅读、下载本站包含的资料和图片而产生的法律后果,完全由我负责。
  • 我绝不会向未成年人展示网站上的内容,同时我将采取所有的预防措施,以避免未成年人接触到该网站,避免其接触到该网站上以任何形式展示的内容,也即,例如,他们无法将该网站添加进他们最喜欢访问的网站列表。我将仅对万一通过使用我的信用卡信息并利用我的账号,从而接触到www.adult-video.chat的任何未成年人负责。
  • 保护我的账户和密码安全的责任全部由我承担。
  • 我不会给出个人信息、提供或支持应召服务和/或卖淫。
  • I will not arrange personal appointments with any Adult Service Provider (ASP), since it is prohibited, and will not exchange my telephone number with an Adult Service Provider (ASP)/Subscriber or in any other way try to have any physical contact with an Adult Service Provider (ASP)/Subscriber. In any event, I acknowledge that www.adult-video.chat would not be liable should by breaching these Terms & Conditions I would try to have a physical contact with an Adult Service Provider (ASP)/Subscriber. I am aware that in case it is proven that I arranged personal appointments with an Adult Service Provider (ASP) or attempted to do so, I can be banned from the Website and my account will be closed without any right of compensation.
  • I will not use obscene words, threaten or quarrel with, or violate the rights of visitors, ASPs, www.adult-video.chat support persons or management of the website, since it is prohibited.
  • Text content sent or forwarded and the chosen user name will not be offensive, will not suggest pedophilia, adolescence, bestiality or zoophilia, or refer to elimination or consumption of any bodily waste. In addition, the username that you choose when registering on the website shall never contain any personal information about you (such as your real name) or information that may allow another person to connect it to your real identity.
  • 我使用的标注和用户名不会不符合优良品味的标准、违法、欺骗他人。
  • I will inform, immediately, www.adult-video.chat of any unlawful conduct of the ASPs, as well as of any unlawful use of trademarks, brands and/or registered music.

8  条款: www.adult-video.chat - 用户注销

  • 用户可以在任何时间选择注销www.adult-video.chat的服务。
  • 若您想要取消您的订阅并关闭您的账户,请在您账户中的“隐私设置”中选择“忽略我的数据”。在确认您的决定之后,您的订阅用户状态将变更为“已注销”,且我们将删除我们系统中所储存的您的个人信息,例外情况包括,所适用的法律要求、我们合法的商业利益、以及在我们的隐私政策中所解释的其它任何许可用途。
  • www.adult-video.chat reserves a right to suspend or cancel any subscription in case of breach of any term of this Agreement or any unlawful conduct of the Subscriber in the framework of this Agreement and to contact any relevant authorities, including but not limited to initiating any criminal complaint and contacting state prosecutor.

9  条款:www.adult-video.chat - 个人数据和隐私政策

  • When you navigate on our website, when you decide to register as a Member, and/or to use the features of our website, you will share and/or we will collect some personal information about you. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully, which explains how we collect, use and share your personal information and the choices you have regarding the use of your personal data.
  • 作为一名会员,我没有也不会提供任何虚假信息和/或文件给www.adult-video.chat。因此,我承认www.adult-video.chat若对伪造行为有任何轻微的怀疑,有权立即和单方面地中止现有的协议。
  • www.adult-video.chat's system meets the security standards of PCI DSS, a standard set by Visa/MasterCard laying down stringent requirements.
  • www.adult-video.chat employees' access to any personal information of www.adult-video.chat subscribers is restricted and they are bound by confidentiality obligations. www.adult-video.chat's Employees might be subject to disciplinary measures, including the termination of their contracts and in serious cases even criminal prosecution should they fail to meet these strict obligations.

10  条款:www.adult-video.chat - 功能和安全

  • www.adult-video.chat是基于Flash技术的网站,同时还使用了所谓的“Shared-Object”技术来提升用户体验。
  • www.adult-video.chat suggests for the subscribers to enable “Cookies” in their browsers to ensure full functionality. Please check our Cookies Policy, if you want to learn more.
  • www.adult-video.chat服务团队每天24小时、每周7天全天候监视网站上所有的视频图像。
  • 由于设计得周到独特,我们网站从未有过任何严重的安全事故!
  • www.adult-video.chat is a Scam-Free Zone

11  条款:www.adult-video.chat - 垃圾邮件

  • www.adult-video.chat不发送也不容许垃圾信息,并远离与发送垃圾信息相关的活动。
  • 以下情况会被认定为构成垃圾信息:
  • 发送到www.adult-video.chat电脑系统或由此发出的用来欺骗www.adult-video.chat用户的被操纵信息,比如电邮标题。
  • 在没有第三方允许的情况下,从该第三方的邮件服务器上中转邮件。
  • 发送、中转或使人错发欺骗性信息以及违反www.adult-video.chat商业利益的信息。
  • 使用或操纵www.adult-video.chat电脑系统帮助散播未经同意或授权的资料。这包括任何宣传资料、URL或任何其他形式的未经授权同意就上传、发布、邮送、散播或让人得到的材料。
  • 多次上传、发帖、发送电子邮件、或者传输相同的信息、URL或帖子。
  • 接二连三地反复发送消息来干扰正常聊天,全部使用大写字母,或其他的具有负面影响并导致其余用户无法即时聊天的行为。
  • 通过www.adult-video.chat的系统发送垃圾信息干扰其用户是属于违反网站使用条款的行为。
  • www.adult-video.chat尽其能力范围内的一切力量,去保护它的用户免遭垃圾邮件的不良影响。
  • 因被认为是垃圾邮件造成的www.adult-video.chat网站的损失,而对所有法律诉讼的运用
  • 尽管有上述规定,当用户根据现有协议的条款授权与www.adult-video.chat时,会收到由其发送的与其自身有关或与其合作网站有关的促销邮件,每一封邮件都包含可以从邮件清单中取消订阅的选项。
  • 注册用户可能偶尔会收到一些与www.adult-video.chat有关的实时通讯。这些发送给用户的消息都是属于事务交易性的或者相关联系性的。订阅或退订这些实时通讯只需要您的一个单击。只有用户已经表明同意接受这种宣传营销服务时,这些宣传促销信息才会发送给用户。
  • 如果用户要举报垃圾信息,推荐使用“我的账户”项下的“向客服发邮件”功能,或电邮联络support@livecamhelp.com。www.adult-video.chat客服团队会尽快调查所有报告。

12  条款:www.adult-video.chat - 联系

  • 联络客服部门可以通过:
  • 在线客服聊天;
  • 用户账户下的“向客服发邮件”功能;
  • Sending of an email to support@livecamhelp.com or help@dditservices.com.
  • Sending of a letter to:
    L-1855 Luxembourg, 44, Avenue John F. Kennedy, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

13  条款:www.adult-video.chat - 其它

  • 该协议阐述了访客/订户们与www.adult-video.chat之间,所有题材的全部内容,同时替代了之前所有的共识及相关协议内容,无论是书面的还是口头的。
  • 除非是违反了法律或另有注明,该协议不会失效。
  • 如果该协议中某一部分被管辖法院认定无效,该协议其他部分的有效性将不受影响。
  • 任何执行本条款诉讼的胜诉方有权获得他/她/它合理的律师费用。
  • 如果www.adult-video.chat修改本协议的条款,www.adult-video.chat将会在网站上发布一组更新的条款和其细节内容,同时发布一个变更告示,并在实施更改前,提前给用户们发送一封变更通知电邮。
  • 若您不接受其中任何修改,您应停止使用www.adult-video.chat网站及其服务,同时也应退出注册(如果已注册)。若您并未停止使用www.adult-video.chat网站及其服务,您将最终被视为已经接受了这种修改。
  • 所有www.adult-video.chat制定的法律声明、制定誓证、以及现有的协议,都以其英文版本为准。www.adult-video.chat不接受任何由于误译而造成的理解错误,所导致的法律诉讼或者其它形式的投诉。
  • 本协议及其与www.adult-video.chat产生的相互关系,同时还包括访客们/订户们,都须遵守符合卢森堡大公国的法律。
  • www.adult-video.chat与访客/订户们之间产生的任何纠纷,都须友善地处理,同时仅当无法处理时,由本协议引起的纠纷,其合法的管辖部门将是卢森堡市法院。